Tour the Ship

The PICTON CASTLE is not a very large ship (178 feet from bowsprit to stern, 142 feet on deck, 23 feet from the port to the starboard side), but there is a lot to her! There are 45 people on board who all need to have a place to sleep, to work, to hang out. We need to be fed and have places to put all our cargo and trade goods and the things we might need for a long crossing or the whole voyage. There are 20 sails and over 180 lines we use to work them. There are places for safety equipment, places to wash dishes, places to eat when it rains. But where do we do all this stuff? Come on a tour of our home to find out! Welcome aboard.

Where do you sleep?
Every body gets his or her own bunk to sleep in. A few people, like the captain and the first mate, get their own cabins, but most of us sleep in one of 3main compartments: the forecastle (pronounced “foke-sul”), which sleeps 10, the main salon, which sleeps 18, or the Batcave, which sleeps 8. Each person decorates his or her bunk with pictures and other decorations to make it feel like “home”.