The Ship’s Cat

Interview With Chibbley

BeWorldWise: Chibbley, I hear you’re an old hand (or should I say “paw”?) on the Picton Castle.
Chibbley: Actually, I’ve been on board longer than anyone except the Captain, ever since he found me in an animal shelter four years ago.

BeWorldWise: So, this is the second time you’ve sailed around the world.
Chibbley: That’s right. Not too shabby for a five-year-old tabby.

BeWorldWise: Do you ever get seasick?
Chibbley: Sometimes, when the weather’s really rough. But doesn’t everybody?

BeWorldWise: True. Who takes care of you on board?
Chibbley: Julie, mostly. She feeds me every morning and changes my litter box. But everyone’s pretty good at slipping me treats and giving me tummy rubs.

BeWorldWise: Don’t you ever get bored of being on the ship?
Chibbley: Not really. I get tons of attention (it’s actually a little annoying sometimes, especially if I’m trying to sleep), and when the ship is moored to a dock I can jump ashore like everyone else.

BeWorldWise: And you never get lost?
Chibbley: Do you ever get lost?

BeWorldWise: Good point. What’s the best part about being on the ship?
Chibbley: Like I said before, I gets lots of attention. People are always surprised to see a cat on a ship and want to know all about me. Sometimes I even get letters from kids back home. I guess you could say I’m kind of a star.

BeWorldWise: And not modest at all! You’ve come a long way from the animal shelter.
Chibbley: Yes, well, would you like my paw-tograph? (laughs, flicks tail)

BeWorldWise: Ummm… maybe later. What do you do all day on board? Do you catch rats?
Chibbley: Fortunately, the ship doesn’t have any rats, so I can spend all day sleeping in the sun.

BeWorldWise: What about cockroaches? Do you eat those?
Chibbley: That’s disgusting.

BeWorldWise: Sorry. What’s your least favourite part about being a sailor cat?
Chibbley: Licking salt water out of my fur. Ugh!

BeWorldWise: What are you going to do when the World Voyage is over?
Chibbley: I’m hoping to retire from being a seacat and return to a normal cat life; you know, catching mice and birds, sleeping, rolling in the garden, sleeping, playing with string, sleeping… which reminds me, I’m late for my hourly nap. If you’ll excuse me…?

BeWorldWise: Of course. Thanks for talking to me.
Chibbley: Zzzzzzzzzz…..