Complete Curricula

Exploring the Ocean Realm

This unit focuses on oceanic organisms with which students are familiar, but about which they might not know much. Students will learn how the existence of all species, from the lowly algae to the misunderstood shark, is crucial to the survival of the ocean and of the entire planet.

Evironmental Investigations

This unit focuses on environmental issues on which students can have a real and meaningful impact. By studying the effects of ozone depletion, the need for water conservation, and the importance of effective waste management, students will understand that their actions directly affect the environment and will discover a variety of things they can do to help protect the earth they will inherit.

Individual Lessons

Knot Tying

Sailor’s knots are so called because they are very secure when tied properly, but never jam and can be readily undone, even when the rope is wet. CLICK HERE to learn more…

Plastics in the Water
Plastics have become an inescapable part of daily life. Everything from toys to food packaging to car parts to shoes are now made from some plastic compound. CLICK HERE to learn more…