Erin Standing
Erin is a recent graduate of the University of King’s College, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she has successfully completed a double major in English and History (her favorite subject was the History of Seafaring). Erin is looking forward to a life of sailing and to pursuing a career in the education system as a Speech Language Pathologist.
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Sara Cole
Sara Cole is a 2003 graduate of Swarthmore College where she majored in history. It was at Swarthmore that she discovered a fascination with education, especially in informal settings. This interest brought her to the Citizen Schools in Boston, MA. There she spent a summer leading teams of seven children on field trips and supervising other educational activities.
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Kate Menser
Kate Menser has extensive experience in both education and marine biology, having earned her degrees in Biology and Education from Swarthmore College and Lesley University, respectively. She has taught first, second, third and fourth graders in the classroom, and pre-K through high school students in an informal, environmental education setting.
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