We thank each of the generous corporations, organizations, foundations and individuals below who have helped bring WorldWise to life.

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Authentic Learning Alliance and Blocks for Buddies, Grand Rapids, MI

CSX Lines (Mr. Charles Raymond), Charlotte, NC

Curriuculum Associates
North Billerica, MA

National Geographic, Washington, D.C.

Second Street Junior Middle School
Toronto, Ontario

The Acton, MA Public Schools

The CHUBB Corporation

Centre Consolidated School
Centre, Nova Scotia

American Museum of Natural History

Armour Transport

Atlantic View Public School
Lawrenceton, Nova Scotia

Barque Picton Castle

Bayview Education Center

Keele Street Public School

Lunenburg Co-operative Nursery School

Mahone Bay Centre
Mahone Bay, NS

Mountview Alternative

Mystic Seaport

Prince Andew High School

Scotia Trawler

Springfield Consolidated Elem. School

Teddies for Tragedies

The People of Mineville, Nova Scotia


Mr. & Mrs. James Allen
Mrs. Eugenia Archer
Mr. Davis Baker
Mr. James Baker
Ms. Annabelle Bitter
Mrs. Claude Brancart
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bundy
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Byrd
Ms. Amy Cash
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cohen
Ms. Dorothy Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cole
Ms. Sara Cole
Captain and Mrs. Dean Colver
Mr. Robert Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy DeYoung
Mr. Brent Dibner
Mr. Robert Duboff
Mr. and Mrs. Penn Edmonds
Ms. Kristin Ellison
Captain Curtis Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Forsyth
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Foster
Mrs. Jean France
Mr. Paul Fulchino
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garland
Ms. Jill Garland
Mrs. Carl Giles
Ulysse and Janie Girouard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gould
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hagan
Mrs. Betsey Hamm
Colonel and Mrs. Pierre Havre
Ms. Vicki Haylor
Mr. William C. Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hill
Mr. Stephen Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Houser
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Howlett
Mrs. Donna Jack
Mr. Jack Jackness
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jensen
Miss Mikayla Joudrey
Ms. Laura Kennon
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Klath
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Krayer
Ms. Judith Krimski
Mrs. Ellen Larsen
Ms. C.A. Leggett
Mr. and Mrs. Jim LeRoux
Sloane LeRoux
Ms. Patricia Lock
Ms. Barbara Madsen
Mrs. Lynn Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge Maulsby
Mrs. Jill Mays
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Meikle
Mrs. William Meikle
Captain and Mrs. F.W. Menser
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Miller
Ms. Wendy Morgan
in memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Moreland
Ms. Margeret Mozdiez
Mrs. Karen Napoli
Thom, Cathy, Liam and Patrick O’Brien
Ann and Patrick O’Neil
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Ording
Mr. and Mrs. Kristian Ording
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parker
Mr. Steve Peet
Mr. and Mrs. James Pollard
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pritchard
Mr. Sterling Rae
Anne and Bruce Raymond
Mr. Charles Raymond
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Renick
Ms. Shirley Richardson
Mr. Jim Salmon
Mr. and Mrs. Al Sapio
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Savitch
Mr. John Schnapp
Mrs. Anne Seni
Kim and Jill Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Spells
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Spratt
Mr. Harris Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sullivan
Mr. Peter Temple
Mr. Roy Tolley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walden
Dr. Susan Walden
Peter Walters
Ms. Ruth Wells
Mr. Richard Wheatland
Mr. Jim Williams
Miss Maya Wolf
Miss Morgan Wolf
Mr. Frank Yeomans
Ms. Jill Young