The Ship

About the Ship
The Picton Castle was built in 1928 as a Swansea fishing trawler (motorized) and for years operated out of

Wales. She was one of five trawlers built at that time for the same company, all named after actual castles. They were all very modern for their day — the local paper reporting on her maiden voyage even marveled over her electric lights and depth finder! The original Picton Castle, built in the 11th century, is located in Pembrokeshire, Wales. READ MORE…

Tour the ShipTour the Ship

Come see our home away from home! Our slide show takes you everywhere, from the galley to the chart house, from the scullery to the salon, even up aloft! Find out what all those words mean and decide if you could live on a ship like ours!

The Ship’s Cat
The most popular crew member is also the furriest! Read our exclusive interview with Chibley the Cat. If you have a question for Chibley, send it through Mail Call and we’ll pass it along. If she stays awake long enough to answer it, you might even see it here!