January 28, 2006useful site Tropical Storm Boloetse

PICTON CASTLE: 20° 56’S / 55° 17’E
Tropical Storm, Boloetse: 22° 6’S / 50° 9’E

Early on in this our Fourth World Voyage, a few truisms revealed themselves to the PICTON CASTLE’s bright-eyed and green-handed crew; First, the PICTON CASTLE is pretty much guaranteed to not leave port when she thought she would; and second, if it’s not the cat’s fault, then it’s the weather!

Welcome to BeWorldWise.org where you can explore the world as a virtual voyager onboard the Barque Picton Castle.

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Under Way!

The Picton Castle is bound for Madagascar in the Indian Ocean– the land of hissing cockroaches and countless other adventures. Make sure you don’t miss out!

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Every truly great accomplishment is at first impossible.
– Fortune Cookie