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Subject: Thunderstorms
From: Edward , age 9 , John I Smith Elementary
Edward Asks:
Have you had any thunderstorms during the navigation from Galapagos to French Polynesia islands ?
Hi, Edward!
No, we have not had any thunderstorms along our travels, since before Galapagos. When we were still North of the Equator, it was still only early summer. We used to see flashes of lightning each night in one direction or another, after the sun had gone down. It is now the end of winter in the South Pacific and the temperatures have been low, not really what is needed to stir up a good storm. We have only ever had thunder and lightning directly overhead twice throughout our voyage to date, and even then, they were just baby storms, with a lot of noise and a lot of rain, but not lasting very long. We just put on our rubber boots and promised to not touch the shrouds (metal)!

Thanks for your question!

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